How to install IPTV on Iphone

Follow this steps to install IPTV app on your Apple Devices

Step 1: Go to the app store.

Step 2: Search for “Purple Playlist Player”



Step 3: Install “Purple Playlist Player”

Step 4: After installing the app on your device, open this app on your device.

Step 5: Once you open the app you will see “Login with code”

Step 6: Once you will click on the “Login with code” button it will ask you to “ENTER CODE”

Step 7: Enter this code “LNCB7T” (ALL IN CAPITAL) and click submit

Step 8: After submitting the code, it will take you to the next page. Now it will ask you to select the server, please select iOS Player

Step 9: After selecting an iOS server, enter your username and password sent to you by email. If you don’t have an active IPTV subscription with us please buy your subscription today.

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